New Hi-Res Ear Simulator

For measurements at very high frequencies

GRAS participated in the 2019 AES International Conference on Headphone Technology from August 27 to 29 in San Francisco, USA. Here CTO Peter Wulf-Andersen gave a presentation on our new Hi-Res Ear Simulator for measurements at very high frequencies.


Papers on Ear Simulators

These two papers compare the new RA0403/RA0404 Ear Simulator to the original RA0045 Ear Simulator and the more recent RA0401 High-Frequency Ear Simulator. They show the evolution of ear simulators whereby RA0045 extended the volume with the anthropometric pinna and RA0401 introduced a frequency up to 20 kHz. The RA0403 goes even further to measure up to 50 kHz and, at the same time, improves repeatability.

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GRAS RA0403 Hi-Res Ear Simulator

The sensitivity of the RA0403 Ear Simulator is significantly lower compared to the original RA0045 and the RA0401 due to using a 1/4" microphone which results in a higher noise floor. The GRAS RA0403 Ear Simulator, therefore, is not suited for low-level measurements.