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Next Generation Headphone Testing

Better testing means better products

The solution to product testing challenges

Consumers are demanding a higher definition sound experience. For manufacturers, this has given rise to a number of challenges when it comes to testing their products. GRAS is proud to introduce the Next Generation of Headphone Testing.

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Industry-best pinna from GRAS

Improvements in the fit, placement and seal

Obtaining accurate measurements from earbuds and in-ear/on-ear headphones can be hampered by leakage and inaccurate seals.

To solve this we have made subtle, but important changes to the pinna, concha and ear canal, providing significant improvements in the fit, placement and seal of the pinna. This means fewer, but more precise measurements - and just as importantly, absolute confidence in the data you capture.

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Better low noise testing

Measure everything the human ear can hear

Testing equipment has not been able to accurately measure the low levels heard by the human ear, and subsequently, conclusions are often based on subjective testing - until now.

We use the most advanced low noise transducer to lower the noise floor below the threshold of human hearing to truly capture all the sounds.

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Better high frequency testing

It is a challenge to obtain accurate data for measurements at higher frequencies

With the anthropometric pinna we have improved repeatability in the higher frequencies and with the low noise transducer we have extended the frequency response.

This gives room for more repetable measurements without compromizing the data quality.

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Next Generation Headphone Testing


Key advantages


GRAS Headphone testing solutions

With the Next Generation Headphone Testing solution consisting of the new 43 BB low-noise ear simulator and the new KB5000 pinna, you can test either on an advanced KEMAR platform or on the versatile and portable 43 AG ear & cheek simulator.

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