Automotive NVH seminar, Birmingham, UK

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  Location: United Kingdom   /    Place: National Conference Centre, Birmingham

  Start: 13/3-2019   /    End: 13/3-2019

GRAS Sound & Vibration A/S, gfai tech, Microflown Technologies, Meggitt and Crystal Instruments support the free Automotive NVH Seminar Wednesday 13th March 2019 at the National Conference Centre, Birmingham.

This event will consist of five informative presentations and four interactive workshops giving you the opportunity to learn and get hands on with world leading NVH technologies.


  • The next generation of Specialist Acoustic Sensors for premium NVH data – Lars Winberg, Automotive Specialist, GRAS Sound and Vibration A/S

  • Designing damping treatment of a vehicle body based on particle velocity measurements – Daniel Fernandez, CTO, Microflown Technologies

  • Important Criteria to select the right accelerometer for NVH – Philippe de Cordemoy, Sales Director, Meggitt Sensing Systems

  • Acoustic Camera in powertrain benchmarking and development – Mehregan Bagherpour, Principal Powertrain NVH Engineer, Changan UK R&D Centre

  • Vibration Testing on electric cars and component – Jose Luis Lopez, Consultant NVH Engineer


  • Sound Source Detection with beamforming and Advanced Algorithms

  • Noise Source Identification and Ranking Methods

  • Brake Noise & Engine Noise

  • Repeatable Measurements for TPA Applications

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